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Seven Gods for our happiness(2)

Last update: 2003. 4.20

@In Japan, many people are often visiting shrines and temples where "Seven Gods for our happiness" are deified. And, these are located in many place, for exsample, in Nihonbasi, Yanaka, Sitamati, Oume etc. We pray for our happiness in these shrines and temples.

2."Seven Gods for our happiness" in Yanaka

Toukaku-ji Temple
[Fukurokuju God for Happiness]
Seiun-ji Temple
[Ebisu God for Business]
Tokyo-to Kita-ku Tabata Tokyo-to Arakawa-ku Nisi-Nippori
- -
Shuusei-in Temple
[Foteison for Wisdom]
Ten-ou-ji Temple
[Bishamonten God for Better Future]
Tokyo-to Arakawa-ku Nisi-Nippori Tokyo-to Taitou-ku Yanaka
- -
Chouan-ji Temple
[Ju-Roujin God for Long Life]
Gokoku-in Temple
[Daikokuten God for Prosperity]
Tokyo-to Taitou-ku Yanaka Tokyo-to Taitou-ku Ueno-Kouen
- -
[Benzaiten God for Art]
Shinobazuno-ik Pond
Tokyo-to Taitou-ku Ueno-Kouen Tokyo-to Taitou-ku Ueno-Kouen
- -
Dool of Seven God -


Daikoku God (for Rich)
[Daikyuu-ji Temple near JR-Tabata-Station]
Suiten-guu Main Shrine(for Easy Delivery)
[near Subway-Ningyoucho-Station]
- -
Akagamu Fudouson Templeifor Healing)
[near JR-Tabata-Station]
Enmei-in Temple
[near JR-Nippori-Station]
- -
Sixteen Gods(Chouan-ji Temple) Sixteen Gods(Chouan-ji Temple)
Tokyo-to Taitou-ku Yanaka Tokyo-to Taitou-ku Yanaka

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