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Sarah Brightman

Last Update: 2004.12.25
Sarah Brightman is a musical singer in U.K. I love her beautiful voice and songs.


Sarah Brightman/ Time to say

Eden/ Sarah Brightman

Sarah Brightman/ La Luna

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The very best of Sarah Brightman
<CD>EAST WEST-85738836222
Sarah Brightman/ Classics

<CD>Angle 724353325725
A Gala Christmas in Vienna
(1997.12.21 Live)
<CD>Sony SK60396
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<CD+DVD>Angel 724355754707
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Sarah Brightman in Concert at
The Royal Albert Hal
<DVD>Waner WPBR-902067
One Night in Eden/ Sarah
Brightman Live in Concert
<DVD>Angel DVA4778639
Sarah Brightman/ La Luna Live in
<DVD>Angel 724347789496
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Sarah Brightman / The Harem
World Tour Live from Las Vegas

<DVD>Toshiba TOBW-3180/81
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