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Seven Gods for our happiness(a10)

Last Update: 2002. 2.10

In Japan, many people are often visiting shrines and temples where "Seven Gods for our happiness" are deified. Following temples are in Tokyo. We pray for our happiness in these temples.

a10."Seven Gods for our happiness" in "Setagaya"
(Address: Tokyo-to Setagaya-kuj

<Upper Row>
Left : Ebisu God for Business
Middle: Benzaiten God for Art
Right : Daikokuten God for Prosperity

<Middle Row>
Left : Bishamonten God for Better
Middle: Fukurokuju God for Happiness
Right : Fukurokuju God for Happiness

<Lower Row>
Left : Foteison God for Wisdom
Right : Ju-Roujin God for Long Life
Back Door of Temple Front Door of Temple Raccon Dog
- - -
Crame Sculptor Temple for Seven God Sculpture
- - -
Sculpture Sculpture Temple for Seven God (interior)

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