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17cmLP & EP Record(1) -popular music-

Last Update: 2001. 5.27
30cmLP, 17cmLP, EP Record


Title: Traveling in France
LP No.: Odeon KWT-1009
Title:Sanyo Solid State Stereo
LP No.:King NDS46
Title: Diatone 4 Channel Sound
LP No.: Mitsubishi NFS-161

<EP Record>

Title: With you forever
EP No.: Toshiba TP-1190
Title: Les Champs-Elysees
EP No.: King HIT-1893
Title: Les Hommes
EP No.: Victor SS-1955
- - -
Title: From Russia with Love
EP No.: King HIT-322
Title: Guilty Night!
EP No.: phonogram 7PL-203
Title: The Teddy Bear Song
EP No.: Trio PB-101

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